14 Days At MKC ( SSB Interview )

We train aspirants for regular 14 days at SSB Coaching. From the basic methods to professional, in these 14 days we try to instil all the knowledge there is about from SSB Interview Questions to How to Crack SSB Interview.

Our Day 1 starts from the definition of what is a SSB interview and from there we start analysing the candidates according to their speaking abilities, action abilities, and their focus towards the different tests ongoing in our institution.

We are considered as the Best SSB Coaching in Allahabad. We have the best platform available for defence aspirant to show their talent and nurture their skills in the most competitive and healthy environment.

Group Captain L.K. Pandey takes care of Screening and Psychology and G.T.O. and wing Commander K.P. Thakur Sir is the interviewing officer of our SSB Team. In a nutshell, with every passing moment of these 14 days, we administer new information that removes their illusions and perceptions about SSB Interviews and guides them to the right path which eventually helps them to encounter any challenge.

These 14 days are so well devised that the candidates remain fully engrossed in different tedious but entertaining task testing the limits of mental, emotional and physical endurance, so as to carve out the best of a candidate.

1 Year/ 6 Months/ 3 Months/ 45 Days In MKC (Written Exam Courses)

A total of 14 courses are taught in our institution, each of these courses have different time duration depending upon the student as how much he/she needs to prepare. Proper organized teaching plan are made for each course both for the teacher and the student with each topic under the course mentioned in great detail and has been given a specific number of lectures that the teacher has to complete.
This teaching plan which is the backbone of our institution gets updated every single year after the official exam of that respective course. The trend analysis are noted which are used in the mock test for further skill enhancement of the student.

Discipline And System

Keeping above in view, we believe in word and action. Punctuality is the first thing that gets the top priority. The faculty and staff are so acclimatized to it that one can match one’s watch with their schedule. No doubt discipline is the first and foremost thing for one’s existence in the institute. Adherence to time, regularity and dress code is essential to meet in motto. We pour all good qualities in each and every candidate so that they may have a taste of rigid discipline in each and every sphere of life. Here the students are taught to follow the system strictly without any slippage.

We make sure that the students who have believed in us and have given their precious time for guidance will not be let down.